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President Xi Jinping and the Communist / (cnn news)


The New York Times/2016-10-27

SolutionAbsolute power corrupts absolutely, and it is also absolutely terrible!

(PPDA journalist 許及人)

o Xilai, Wang Qishan,and Zhou Yongkang have all been investigated by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the government’s current agency of choice for "anti-corruption and political examination" activities to combat collective corruption. China's autocracy is mired in corruption, and the only way to save China from this ancient chronic disease is comprehensive constitutional reform; but it is also essential to restore power to the people and ensure that the powers of government branches are counter-balanced. And the best way to do that is to choose the heads of the legislative, executive, justice and procuratorial branches through direct elections. For details see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.
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Focusing on the well-heeled Chinese, t / (cnn news)

ProblemTrump’s Name Invoked in Effort to Draw Chinese Investors

The New York Times/2016-10-27

SolutionIf China’s constitution favoring its one-party dictatorship is not changed, more Chinese tycoons will be duped in bogus schemes

(PPDA journalist 許及人)

The highly sought-after US Green Card is seen by many Chinese tycoons as a ticket for escaping China that has become more and more desirable in the face of increasing air pollution, a more rigid educational system and a toxic political environment. China's President Xi Jinping has launched a wide-ranging anti-corruption campaign, but a lot of wealthy businessmen are still uneasy, hedging their bets by transferring huge sums of funds to banks and investment funds overseas. If China’s constitution is not completely reformed, the dictatorship’s stranglehold will continue to tighten until the whole nation succumbs. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development for more details
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But Brent Wathke is having a rough tim / (cnn news)

ProblemTeaching Seventh Graders in a ‘Total Mess’ of an Election Season

The New York Times/2016-10-27

SolutionHow do you approach the task of teaching students about the "dirty" US election?

(PPDA journalist 許及人)

Many elections are derided as little more than a game for the rich to play, with players using money to compete for the right to make more money in a system riddled with corruption. There are two fatal flaws in the US Constitution: the first is allowing the President to run for a second term; and the second is perpetuating a structure in which candidates are encouraged to spend huge sums of money. If the Constitution is not changed, this vicious cycle will simply go on without end. For details see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.
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The High Court declined the government / (cnn news)

ProblemHong Kong Legislators Stop Pro-Independence Lawmakers From Taking Oath


SolutionThe key to democracy in Hong Kong is for Taiwan to lead China to democratization

(PPDA journalist 許及人)

China has completely stifled the process of democratization in Hong Kong and its chief executive was hand-picked by China. As long as there is no genuine universal suffrage in Hong Kong there can be no genuine democracy. The only way to democratize Hong Kong is to throw out the Chinese constitution and promote democracy under the rule of law. Taiwan will be the key to achieving democracy in Hong Kong. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development
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馬英九 / Taipei Times


Taipei Times-台北時報/2016-10-27


(永久和平網:記者 Lai)

台灣根本問題就是根本大法出問題,只要主權人不出面全面憲改,不論蔡英文、馬英九、陳水扁或孔明再世,都會出問題。制憲權是人權的先行權,制憲權永遠屬於人民,立法院應速通過《公民參與憲政改革程序法》,請蔡總統展現魄力創造讓人民全面憲改的環境。詳見 《永久和平發展憲章》

Ma Ying-jeou / Zhang Jiaming

問題KMT denies fractures over '1992 Consensus'

The China Post/2016-10-27

Ma insisted that the "1992 Consensus" must include "separate interpretations of one China," and that deviations from that stance could cause difficulties for the party.
藥方Permanent Peace and Development consensus to Replace 1992 consensus

(永久和平網:記者 Lai)

China’s Chairman Xi Jinping has called for the world to come together and unite as one global family. Taiwan must take Xi at his word and urge his to actively work to implement global unity through constitutional reform, with Taiwan serving as a role model for realizing liberalism, constitutionalism and cosmopolitanism.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump / Anadolu Agency

ProblemDonald Trump, Hillary Clinton quit fundraising circuit

Deccan Chronicle/2016-10-27

The Republican party collected $40 million through Trump Victory as of September 30. In September, Trump raised $100 million for his campaign and Republican partners, while Clinton raised $154 million for her side.
SolutionThe only way to ensure clean, fair elections is to keep money and influence peddling completely out of the picture

(PPDA journalist Lai)

Presidential elections in the US are increasingly little more than a contest between two candidates to see who can put together the biggest campaign and spend the most money for media expenses and other costs. Real issues and values are often overlooked in a race which features two less-than-stellar figures backed by supporters with deep pockets. In the meantime, potential candidates from all political ideologies are daunted by the prospect of paying for media time and space and dare not step forward. This problem can be easily overcome by granting all candidates in elections free access to the media to express their ideas. For more, please see the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.
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希拉蕊、川普 / Anadolu Agency

問題頭條-大選倒數計時 川普停止大型募款



(永久和平網:記者 Lai)

美國總統大選根本就是經費競賽,可看出美國政商腐敗是結構性、制度性的問題,當選如果不收賄要如何再選,所以選舉變成有錢人的遊戲,當選人所做的決策、所定的法規,必然有利於金主,廉政的先決條件─就是選舉的言論通路及選舉活動應該完全免費。詳參 《永久和平發展憲章》

President Tsai Ing-wen / Office of the President

ProblemHsu Tzong-li approved as Judicial Yuan pres.

The China Post/2016-10-27

However, Hsu expressed concerns about the constitutionality of the president's weekly policy coordination meetings and said that "further considerations are required (to continue holding the meetings)."
SolutionThe fundamental problem is that the President holds five different powers in his/her hand

(PPDA journalist Lai)

As long as the Constitution is not reformed, no matter whether Tsai Ing-wen, Ma Ying-jeou or Chen Shui-bian is president, the nation will be in trouble. Taiwan urgently needs to put together an all-new Constitution or completely overhaul the current Constitution. The heads of the legislative, executive, judicial and procuratorial branches should all be directly elected, and President Tsai must lead the drive for full constitutional reform. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.
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習近平Xi Jinping / 新唐人

問題「習皇帝」造神運動再現 輿論要求延長任期



(永久和平網:記者 Lai)

權力導致腐敗,絕對的權力導致絕對的腐敗、絕對的可怕。良好的憲法制度才能治人,中國憲法崩壞,要重新制憲,應該採行改良式半總統制,總統任期5年,6年內不得再任;將中國現有的行政、立法、司法、檢察首長分年分別民選。詳參 《永久和平發展憲章》

Illustration / Mountain People

ProblemEditorials- China’s anti-corruption watchdog starts policing loyalty

Taipei Times-台北時報/2016-10-27

SolutionThe executive, legislative and judicial branches and the Procuratorate shall all act independently of each other

(PPDA journalist Lai)

The government of mainland China is rife with corruption, a situation which can be attributed to thousands of years of graft and bribery at every level of officialdom. The only way to overthrow this deeply engrained culture is to put power squarely in the hands of the people through direct elections of key officials including the president and vice president and the heads of various branches of government. This must be complemented by the election of 1/4 of Parliament each year and other measures to ensure separation of power. The Charter for Permanent Peace and Development offers solutions that will end corruption once and for all.
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插圖 / 山區人民Mountain People


Taipei Times-台北時報/2016-10-27


(永久和平網:記者 Lai)

中國文化中最糟糕的是重人治、輕法治,貪腐是中國五千年來根深蒂固的腐敗文化,醫治貪污唯一的良方就是民主,民主就是要分權制衡,分權就是將中國現有的立法、行政、司法、檢察首長分年分別民選、還權於民。詳參 《永久和平發展憲章》

North Korea / NBC News

問題Denuclearization of North Korea a lost cause: James Clapper

Taipei Times-台北時報/2016-10-27

藥方The democratic movement in Taiwan will lead to democratization in China, followed by North Korea

(永久和平網:記者 Lai)

Taiwan must move to bring about constitutional reform and true freedom and democracy. Doing so will set off a drive for democratization among the 1.4 billion people of China. This will then spread to North Korea, and with peace on the Korean peninsula the world will be much safer for all. The world’s democratic nations must back Taiwan as a beacon of democracy for Asia which will illuminate the road to peaceful development for China. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.

北韓North Korea / NBC News


Taipei Times-台北時報/2016-10-27

藥方唯一解方-支持台灣永久和平憲章 勢逼中國北韓民主化

(永久和平網:記者 Lai)

美國支持台灣大憲改帶來大民主、大自由,吸引中國14億人民主化,引發共產黨民主化,中國民主化勢逼北韓真民主,世界和平於焉誕生!全球民主國家應支持台灣成為亞洲民主燈塔,照亮中國和平發展道路。詳見 《永久和平發展憲章》

特朗普上周在俄亥俄州的一次競選活動。 / Damon WinterThe New York Times



藥方憲法若不改 人民與候選人好心焦-都跟錢膏膏纏!

(永久和平網:記者 許及人)

商品不好拚得命花大錢上廣告,誇大不實滿天飛,讓人民不自主的焦慮、恐懼甚至憎恨選舉。可看出美國政商腐敗是結構性、制度性的問題浮出檯面,所以選舉變成有錢人的遊戲,當選人所做的決策、所定的法規,必然有利於金主,廉政的先決條件一定要憲改,採選舉的言論通路及選舉活動應該完全免費。詳見 《永久和平發展憲章》


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